Hakuba Village will hold a walking event, Hakuba in Spring: Salt Road and Satoyama Spectacular View Walking Tour.

Local guide "Hakuba Meister" will guide you along the historic old road "Sengoku Kaido, Shiono no Michi" and the scenic spots of Hakuba in spring. Along the 9 km course, you will visit Kirikubo Suwa Shrine, Kannonbaru Stone Buddha Group, and Oide Park, where you can feel the history of the area while enjoying the spectacular view of spring flowers and the remaining snow in the Northern Alps.

**Participants will receive a commemorative gift and an accommodation subsidy ticket. 

7:30 ~ 13:00


詳しくは下記のスケジュールをご覧ください https://www.vill.hakuba.nagano.jp/event/3081/#ancPoitnt 

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